Personal Watercraft Shop and Launching Dolly

Personal watercraft shop dollys with adjustable bunks. Personal watercraft yard or launching hand dolly.

Personal watercraft prices and specifications

Model Capacity Axles Tires Bunks Width Fenders
Single PW 1200lbs 2200lbs 12″ Deluxe 2×4 70″ 1/2 Steel
Double PW 1800lbs 2200lbs 12″ Deluxe 2×4 8’2″ Plastic
4 Bed PW 2950lbs Tandem 12″ Deluxe 2×4 92″ Plastic
Jet ski double 1800lbs 2200lbs 12″ Deluxe 2×4 70″ Plastic
Pw shop dolly 700lbs 2200lbs 12″ Deluxe 2×4 24″ none


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